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PARANOID DJ here. If anyone has any reuqests for songs, or you want to do a collab, I'll be more than happy to.

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I've sort of lost faith in the way the Audio Portal works.

It seems like anything apart from electronic music that's a remix of some well known song from a game or from an established artist already on NG gets negatively voted after only a few listens. Now I can handle negative votes, but what annoys me so is when they are voted down without the voter having the decency to say why they did so.

Is it just the fact that most Audio Portal users are n00bs who are either jealous of what people make or just do it for fun? Whatever the case, people on the Portal who are genuinely talented in creating music aren't getting the recognition or praise they deserve and I've seen it on so many different users, including myself.

It's a shame this happens so often because I'm sure it makes a lot of other people besides me angry about the whole thing. Maybe it even makes them reluctant to post things on NG in the first place, knowing that their hard work will probably will voted down for no reason into oblivion.

I know this sounds like a rant or a moan or whatever the fuck you want to call it, but I have a valid point. Why do you think we have an "Underdog" list in the first place?

-Gavin C (PARANOiD DJ)

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